EE: P&G Consumer & Market Knowledge - Internships in Western Europe - 2012/2013
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Do you want to influence business strategy by representing the voice of the consumer?
If so, then a role as an intern in the Consumer and Market Knowledge (CMK) organization may be for you!
CMK's role is to create a competitive advantage for Procter & Gamble through superior consumer and market understanding. This brings consumers to the center of Procter & Gamble's business decision-making. As an intern in CMK, you will be an integral part of a multi-functional business team, working with Brand, R&D, Design, CBD (Sales) and Finance partners. Your role is like an internal research and business strategy consultant and includes identifying and clearly defining business issues and opportunities. You will also play a key role in designing a research plan to generate the understanding needed to solve the problem or capitalize upon the opportunity. This could include identifying and clearly defining the need for a new product line in Western Europe or Globally. You could be asking and answering questions such as: Who is the target consumer for this product? What are they willing to pay for it? How do you best reach this consumer? What would this new product mean to the business in terms of volume and profit? How will the competition respond? Join CMK for an internship and help us anticipate what consumers want and find out what they need. Help Procter & Gamble create products that set us apart from our competitors!
CMK internships can be available in different WE countries as Switzerland, Spain, UK, Italy, France and Germany.
We offer 3-6 month internships depending on the available projects. 
Please visit to know more about CMK.
Procter & Gamble is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Please take into account that our internship availabilities at this moment start from May / June 2013.
We are looking for
  • Students in their ultimate or penultimate years of studies. Active in extracurricular activities, good English, analytical skills and team orientation, willingness and ability to deliver breakthrough results. 
  • A statistical qualification is not required, but comfort with data analysis is essential.
  • Enjoy working with and influencing diverse business partners within P&G and finding creative solutions to business issues.
  • Enjoy working with a variety of data sources.
  • Strong leaders who can envision new "ways to win", set direction and enroll others.
  • Creativity, innovation, initiative, follow-through, communication, and priority-setting.
 Further information you need to know for your application 
  1. Just apply via clicking the button below
  2. Have your CV in English ready to attach (include examples of the challenging experiences you have had both within and outside academia)
  3. Attach a summary of your latest grades
Please note individual attachments cannot be larger than 500 KB


 Market Research/Consumer & Market Knowledge

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Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland



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